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Growing up my childhood hero was Angela Bauer from Who’s the Boss. I aspired to be a working mom/boss lady/bad ass. Obviously I’m still a work in progress!

My first job in advertising was my senior year in high school and I was hooked!  I went on to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and was accepted to their prestigious creative sequence. I started my career in a design shop downtown and went on to work for a professional association as a web manager for over 20 years now. They are still a client to this day. I started my own company in 2010 and have never been happier.  I love to be able to work from home and be there for all my kids many (many) activities!

My husband of over seventeen years and I have three amazing children and a dog who thinks she’s a cat. We are a very active, fun, sarcastic bunch! I am constantly impressed by their creativity and love bouncing ideas off of them. I am thankful to my parents for always encouraging me to dream big and supporting my endeavors.

My Crazy Kids
My Fam in NYC
My Person, since 2000
My Girls
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